A downloadable game for Windows

A short unpolished VR demo/experience for the 2015 Shayla Games VR Jam: Enter a trippy world and meet some skeletons and later a dark and very evil golem ... it's up to you what you'll do ... kill with thunder or heal with flowers?

Usually, you'll probably want to go through the experience a few times until you've seen all possible paths. There's also a few easter-eggs you might find (falling off the plane is not a bug, seriously!)

Works best with Sixense/Razor Hydra:

  • Move forward/backward or strafe left/right: Use right hand joystick
  • Turn left/right: Use left hand joystick
  • Select target: Look at target and press upper trigger (left or right hand joystick)
  • Blast: Right trigger
  • Heal: Left trigger

Known Issue: Currently, the only way to make this properly work for left-handed players is to switch the controllers - better left-handed/right-handed support will be added later.

Controls when not using Hydra:

  • WASD to move
  • Click left mouse button and move mouse left/right to turn left/right
  • Select target by looking at it and then right-clicking with your mouse.
  • F: Blast Lighting
  • G: Heal

Warning: You need to keep the mouse cursor above the Window of the game (not inside the HMD) - otherwise, mouse commands won't work.

Known Issues:

  • There's flickering, especially noticeable with the GUI - that's a known Unity 5.1 issue (will be fixed as soon as I get a Unity build that doesn't do this)
  • Currently, there's no Mac version because Unity+DK2+Hydra doesn't work, and without Hydra, it's kind of messy to control
  • Left-handed Hydra support is currently a little "hackish" (you need to take the left controller in your right hand, the right controller in the left hand)
  • Does not have proper start and ending
  • You need to restart to start over (which you probably want to do when you've killed everything the first time you play ;-) )

Future Features:

  • Startup area with a little tutorial and some automagical setup
  • Much improved "magic" using the Hydras position tracking (think of fireballs above your hand that you can throw ;-) )
  • Experience of falling down from the plane will be improved ;-)
  • SteamVR / HTC Vive support (can I haz DevKit, plz!? ;-) )

Install instructions

You need the Oculus Runtime installed (this has not been tested with 0.6). Otherwise: Just unzip the archive and run it ;-)

Windows Only ATM (until DK2+Hydra works fine on the Mac when using Unity 5.1).


Resurrect-Windows.zip 205 MB